Buying Low- Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez recorded his first home run of the season Thursday against the Atlanta Braves. He is currently hitting .104 this season with a .204 OBP.

Analysis: Pedro Alvarez is already available in half of fantasy leagues due to his poor start. This is just another example of impatient fantasy owners making mistakes early on. Alvarez hit 30 home runs with 85 RBI in 2012. This year he isn’t seeing many fastballs, very similar to what Ryan Howard had to endure a few years ago. Alvarez will pull through and when his power resurfaces expect home runs in bunches.

I understand that many owners are concerned with his slow start but history is on his side. At this point last season Alvarez only had 2 home runs and 2 RBI to go along with a .107 batting average. Also at this point last season Alvarez was available in over 95% of leagues and he finished as the 16th rated roto third baseman and 22nd in all of baseball with 30 bombs. Just like Alfonso Soriano you have to be patient with him.

Placido Polanco and Josh Donaldson are fine options in deeper leagues at third but not at the expense of Alvarez.

Power Bats On The Wire

There isn’t much left on the waiver wire at this point in the season but there are a few power bats to help get you home.

Analysis: Oakland’s Chris Carter is a first baseman to watch. Carter has hit 14 home runs in just 51 games played this year. He’s went yard four times with nine runs batted in over his last eight games played. Carter is available in well over eighty percent of leagues and is one of the most underrated bats on the wire at the moment.

Another option out there is Jesus Montero. Montero suffers greatly from playing at Safeco Field but he is the real deal. He’s only hitting .259 at the moment but keep in mind his BABIP is an unusually low .290. Montero has 15 homers this year with 53 RBI. He’s available in forty percent of leagues because much of his hype has died down.

A few must owns who are available in a small, small percentage of leagues include: Alex Rodriguez, Garrett Jones(23 HR) and Pedro Alvarez(27 HR).

Deep League Help- Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez is hitting just .203 this year but his recent success should come as no surprise.

Analysis: Pedro Alvarez possesses elite power and he is finally starting to show signs of it. Alvarez has hit four home runs in his last ten games. Throw in the eight hits he has amassed over his last six games and you have yourself a very hot third baseman. Having depth at the third base position in fantasy baseball is always a huge plus so picking up Alvarez in deeper leagues just makes sense. Alvarez is available in well over ninety percent of leagues across the country.

Keep in mind that Alvarez does not hit lefties well, he has a .211 batting average against them for his career with a .329 slugging percentage. While he may not even hit .250 this year his home run and RBI potential make him a great sleeper at this point in the season. As always you can sell him high down the road or chuck him if he starts striking out more than Mark Reynolds. With Ryan Zimmerman out for now and his health issues in the past it does make sense to stockpile depth at third base.

Shun Pedro Alvarez and Buy Justin Smoak

Alvarez, 2nd pick in the 2008 draft, made his MLB debut in June 2010, hitting .152 in 51 PA, then flashed in Sept/Oct .306 in 121 PA with 6 HR. Smoak, the 11th pick in the same draft, made his MLB debut last April, hitting .130 in 31 PA, before finishing in Sept/Oct with .340 in 57 PA, and 3 HR.

Auction Analysis: In the recent CBS Experts’ Leagues Auctions Pedro Alvarez was hammered down for $29, while Justin Smoak cost his owner $16.

2010 Earned PA BA HR RBI R SB
Wright $31 670 .283 29 103 87 19
Z’erman$26 603 .307 25 85 85 4
Alvarez $12 386 .256 16 53 42 0

Barton $16 686 .273 10 57 79 7
Overbay$14 608 .243 20 67 75 1
Smoak $6 397 .218 13 48 40 1

If your team at the end of the auction earns exactly what you paid for it, then you shall finish in the middle of your league. Lose money on your overall investment and finish lower. Only a $20 profit means a First Div Team.

Truth or Dare: If a bid is a bet, then would you rather bet that Alvarez is the 2nd coming of the 2010 David Wright or that Smoak is the 2nd coming of the 2010 Daric Barton?