Category Analysis, Predictions, and Matchups

A major update hit the Fantasy Assistant today involving team projections, matchup analysis, and category analysis.  The first sport to receive this update is baseball, but expect them to show up for basketball, football, and hockey in the coming days.

Projected Stats & Rankings

New Predictions
New Predictions

Previously, we had projected stats, but now they also show you where you are projected to rank against other teams in your league.  Each category and ranking is accompanied by our standard color system of red, orange, and green.  Each color gives you an easy overview of strengths and weaknesses.

By default, we are showing 8 hitting categories and 7 pitching categories for baseball.   These projections are based on your current starting lineup. The final categories are called “PTS”, which estimates where you will rank based on standard h2h scoring in both pitching and hitting.

For those of you playing other sports, you will see different stats relevant to your sport but it will all work exactly the same.  The goal is to give you a well rounded overview of your team whether you are playing category based h2h, rotisserie leagues, or standard h2h.

Matchup Analysis

Matchup analysis by team
Matchup analysis by team

A completely new section has been added which allows you to compare stats projections against your entire league.  Again, these projections are based on your starting lineup moving forward.   By default we are showing you all teams in your league based on the entire season, but you can also break things down to seven days or the past 30 days.

There are plenty of different ways you might want to use this data for setting your lineup.  For example, if I am playing Tiny Webb next week , then I can set my lineup accordingly based on their team’s recent performance.

To do that, I can select that team from the dropdown to easily compare the two.  If I know I have no shot to win in saves, then I may want to skip that category all together and try to get points in the remaining categories.

As I mentioned earlier, each sport will have different categories, but the matchup analysis will remain the same.  This update is already live on FantasySP. and our CBSSports apps.

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