Last Call On EY2

Eric Young Jr has been a top five fantasy outfielder thus far this season.

Analysis: EY2 is 2nd in all of baseball with 9 stolen bases and he has yet to be caught stealing. He also ranks 6th in runs with 12. Young is even drawing walks at a 10.6% clip, up over 2% from his career average and 3% from last year. His current .344 OBP is yet another positive sign from the twenty-eight year old burner.

If EY2 continues to steal at this pace he would record over 90 stolen bases this year. Obviously, that mark is highly unlikely but it goes to show how great of a fourteen game stretch he’s on. He needs to limit the strikeouts but other than that he should be fine if you’re okay with a mediocre batting average.

Currently, Eric Young Jr. is available in 60-70% of fantasy leagues. Even if he falls off his current pace he will remain a must start fantasy outfielder who will dominate the stolen base department and score tons of runs.

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