Major Fantasy Assistant and Email Updates

May is shaping up to be a heck of a month for FantasySP and our users.  Major releases have been pushed out to further improve the fantasy assistant and update our email alerts.

Important updates include:

  • NEW! The introduction of the under and over achieving research section and inline colors of green and red to show players who over/under achieve. Read more about overachieving players on our blog post.
  • Major improvements to Player Alerts and Waiver Alerts.
  • We added our fantasy baseball guide.
  • Enhancements to the fantasy assistant waiver suggestion accuracy.
  • Team projections have been added to the trade analyzer for all sports.
  • Fixes to our mobile trade analyzer design

Author: Brant Tedeschi

I'm Brant Tedeschi, a web developer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey with a degree in history from Monmouth University. I've been developing start-ups for the past 6 years and am the founder and lead developer of FantasySP. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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