Projecting Weekly Fantasy Points & Records

Today we are introducing a new feature that projects weekly fantasy points and weekly records for your fantasy teams.  This update applies to all of your favorite fantasy sports, including fantasy football, but for this post we will be discussing how this works for fantasy baseball.  Our projections support Head-to-Head Points, Rotisserie, and Head-to-Head Category leagues.

In our previous update, we announced Season Projections inside the Fantasy Assistant, which shows category comparisons and rankings against the rest of your league.   This update builds upon that.

Right below Season Projections, you’ll see our new Weekly Projections area…

These are REAL projections from my fantasy baseball league.  The categories have been customized to my specific league.  In this specific example, I’ve selected a category h2h league, so projected records and category breakdowns are also shown.

For each category, you’ll notice  your projected number in bold and your projected rank, along with a color of red, green, or orange.   As you can see, I am projected to be very competitive in just about all categories.  At first glance, it would seem my RUNS category may be lacking due to a ranking of 5th place.  However, I am near the top of the league based on the estimated league range of 32-47 RUNS.

Speaking of ranges.  The smaller gray number towards the bottom of each category shows your league range, or how a specific team matches up against you.  You’ll notice in the image above that when “rocky mtn oysters” is selected, the gray numbers change from ranges to his team’s projections.  This will be critical for setting lineups and gauging week-to-week performance.

Not shown are Head-to-Head Points projections, but we also support them.

Fully Customizable

Weekly Projections are shown every Monday and Sunday for fantasy baseball, hockey, and basketball users.   However, fantasy football users will see weekly projections starting on Thursday through Sunday morning.

You can easily customize your league and select the categories in your league, Player Pool, and league type.  For those of you in fantasy football leagues, you can easily specify a PPR league as well.

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