ADP Watch- WRs

Cordarrelle Patterson is a great athlete but he has a ways to go before he contributes consistently.

Analysis: Patterson is currently being taken off the board in the 42-69 pick range. He is the 16th to 25th wide out being taken on average. Wide receivers who finished in the 16-25 range last season are as follows- Wes Welker, Marques Colston, Larry Fitzgerald, Keenan Allen and TY Hilton. What is the one thing that these consistent receivers have in common…. solid quarterbacks. The Vikes have two/three potential starting quarterbacks this season which means they don’t have one. Minnesota would not have drafted Teddy Bridgewater in the first round if they believed in Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder.

We know Greg Jennings is a reliable, solid wide out but he only managed to put up 804 yards and 4 touchdowns on 68 receptions last season. Jennings finished 39th among fantasy wide receivers last year in standard leagues. Patterson is good but he’s still raw and does not have the quarterback to put up WR2 type numbers. Patterson is being taken ahead of Andre Johnson, Roddy White, TY Hilton, DeSean Jackson and Torrey Smith according to

Expecting a second year wide out without a reliable quarterback to put up WR2 numbers this season after a 45 reception, 469 yard rookie campaign is lunacy.

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