ADP Watch- QBs

ESPN has Ryan Tannehill ranked as the 22nd best fantasy quarterback this season. Tannehill finished 2013 as the 16th best fantasy quarterback with the worst offensive line in the league. Let me repeat that- Ryan Tannehill was the 16th best QB last year with the worst offensive line in the league.

Analysis: Tannehill has a career 79.1 passer rating through two seasons as a pro. Andrew Luck has a career 81.5 passer rating and has taken 20 less sacks during his two year career. I’m not saying Tannehill is better than Luck but they are closer than a lot of the hype mongers would have you believe.

Johnny Manziel, Eli Manning and Joe Flacco are being taken before Tannehill as a QB2. Tannehill is the 22nd quarterback being taken off the board in the 138-160 pick range. This does not make any sense. Yes, Tannehill does play in a difficult division from a defensive point of view but he is poised to break out this season. The Miami O-line should be mediocre this year which means less sacks, hurries, interceptions, fumbles and of course more accuracy from the pocket. Tannehill ranked 10th last year in rushing yards among quarterbacks- expect even more from Ryan this year as the read-option will find its way into the Miami offensive scheme courtesy of Bill Lazor.

ESPN ranks Tannehill at 22… he finished last season at 16 and improvements have been made to the offensive line(Branden Albert) and he will run more. Thanks ESPN, spot on as always.

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