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Just a few weeks ago, we introduced you to our Player Projections.  Today we are excited to announce league-wide player projections in the Fantasy Assistant.  Our projections will support NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB fantasy leagues.  The best part is what you can do with our projections!

Our Projection model has gotten so good that you are now able to pick up free agents based on weekly or daily projections.

New Projections Area
New Projections Area

Our Projections area will feel a lot similar to our Waivers Research tool.  You can view projections based on position and then sort by “Free Agents”, “Entire League”, or “My Team”.

NBA Projections
NBA Projections

Projection categories can be customized to your fantasy league, so you only see the categories that matter to you.  Mouse Over the GP (Games Played) category to see that player’s full schedule for the week.

NHL Projections
NHL Projections
Projections NFL
NFL Projections

Baseball projections are not shown due to the off-season, but we offer them as well.

How to Use Projections

The biggest question is how you can use these projections to your advantage.  It’s important to look at the projections as a whole and compare where your player’s fit in across the entire league.  My quarterback is Tony Romo, and he is projected to be the 4th best this particular week, so I am certainly in good shape at the QB position.  If you are weak in the QB position, then sort by “Free Agents” to see which free agents are projected to have a better week than your player.

For fantasy football, you’d like to play the guy with the highest projected points for the week and has a good Trust Rating (75+).  It’s also important to look at their own/start percentages to see what other fantasy player’s are starting.

For example, right now Eli Manning has a low start percentage, but Odell Beckham is absolutely tearing up the league, so it’s no surprise that he has a great projection at home against the Eagles.

Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball

Using weekly or daily projections for the remaining fantasy sports can be extremely enlightening.  We are taking the guesswork out of how a player is likely to perform in a given day or week.

Most of these fantasy leagues tend to be category based rather than point based scoring, which means that how you perform across multiple categories is more important than overall fantasy points.

Tip #1.  Always look at scheduled games for the week.  Sometimes a player on your team will only have 2 games scheduled, whereas a free agent or bench player may have 4 games scheduled.  The player with the additional scheduled games may actually out perform your current slotted starter by looking at our projections.  Use this to your advantage and set your lineup accordingly.

Tip #2. Click on any category inside Projections to sort by it.  Categories mean everything in these fantasy leagues and it’s important to see what your player’s are projected to have in a category that you are struggling in.  If you see a free agent that’s better than your player, then read his latest news and decide if he’s worth the pickup.

Tip #3. Use Projections in conjunction with our Waiver research tool.  Our Waiver Research tool combines player performance with roster trends to show the best available free agents.  Research past performances and combine that with projections to get a better picture of players.

Tip #4. We offer Weekly Team Projections and Season Projections.  If you see that your weekly team projection is weak in specific categories, then alter your focus based on these projections.  If you are close in a category head-to-head matchup, then punt a specific category your are bad in and concentrate on winning a category you are good in.  Weekly Projections will show all of this for you.

Now get out there and win some fantasy games.  Still not a member of FantasySP?  SIGN UP!

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