Deep League Help- Carter

Vince Carter may be thirty-seven years old but he is still filling up the stat sheet.

Analysis: Carter has been on fire over the last five games. In that span he’s averaging 3.2 threes made, 16.0 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.4 steals. His minutes remain in the mid-twenties so we can officially declare a prolonged hot streak. In the month of February he ranked as the 17th best fantasy shooting guard and the 17th best fantasy small forward. That is a pretty big leap considering he is outside the top 25 for his positions this season.

The three ball remains Carter’s biggest asset. He averaged 2.0 threes made per game last month and this year he is 13th in threes made among shooting guards. At thirty-seven years old Vince is 8th in the NBA among shooting guards in blocks per game(0.4), it isn’t much but everything can help.

He may not put up twenty-plus points each night but he is contributing in all fantasy categories. Currently, Vince Carter is available in 50-80% of fantasy leagues. Carter has the Spurs on Sunday, the Nuggets on Wednesday and the Blazers on Friday.

Solid Debut For Turner

Evan Turner made his Indiana Pacer debut Tuesday night in a win over the Lakers.

Analysis: Turner notched 13 points on 6 of 12 shooting, he also recorded 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal. Turner is coming off the bench but he was on the end of 26 minutes of floor time. Turner was putting up 17.4 PPG and 6.0 RPG in 35 minutes per night as a starter in Philly. If he can stay above 25 minutes or so he will remain a must own fantasy shooting guard/small forward.

Before Evan Turner even had a chance to suit up for the Pacers he was already being dropped in a significant amount of leagues. Yes, he’s weak in threes but he’s getting to the line a ton this year and his steals and assists are also up. Keep in mind that the Pacers don’t have any solid options at the two or three coming off the bench. It’s also a positive sign that Turner logged 26 minutes in his debut because Danny Granger logged more than 26 minutes just once in his final 15 games as a Pacer.

Currently, Turner is available in 2-7% of fantasy leagues.

Sticking With Foye

Randy Foye’s stock is taking a hit in fantasy leagues across the country despite solid fantasy production over the last few weeks. He wasn’t as productive at the point but he’s back playing the two and dropped 27 points against the Kings on Sunday.

Analysis: Foye is the 9th rated fantasy shooting guard over the last two weeks of the season but he’s actually being dropped in many leagues at the moment. Foye is playing very well this month at two different positions- he’s averaging 15 PPG, 5 APG and nearly 3 threes made per game. He’s also averaging 1 steal per contest, 35 minutes per game and he’s shooting 95% from the line this month. Foye did have a great January but he’s still putting up quality numbers.

There isn’t much to dislike about Foye’s fantasy game right now. He’s only shooting 40% from the field this year but that is right in line with his career mark. He’s also hitting just 37% of his threes which isn’t a bad mark, but he is 7th among shooting guards in threes made per game.

Currently, Randy Foye is available in 10-20% of fantasy leagues.

Under The Radar- Augustin

One of the reasons why the Chicago Bulls are sitting in the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference is because of the play of DJ Augustin.

Analysis: DJ Augustin is the 21st rated fantasy point guard over the last month of the season. Augustin is getting tons of minutes this month(29.6/gm) and he isn’t weak in any key point guard categories. In the month of February he is averaging 14.3 points, 4.1 assists, 2.0 threes made and .9 steals per game. Augustin is shooting 89% from the stripe this year where he is averaging 2.3 attempts per game and 3.6 attempts per game this month. This season he’s hitting 1.7 threes per game- 11th best among point guards. His play is improving and with it the Chicago playoff hopes.

There are two potential negatives- field goal percentage and rebounds. Augustin is 41% from the field this year which is right in line with his career mark. However, the biggest concern is the rebounding. DJ is 30th among point guards in rebounds at 1.6 per game which certainly isn’t great but he is a point guard after all.

DJ Augustin is available in 20-35% of fantasy leagues.

Is Waiters Still A Risk?

Dion Waiters has played very well in the few weeks leading into the All-Star break, but is he still a risk to own?

Analysis: Waiters is averaging 15.4 points, 3.2 assists and 1.0 threes made in his last five games. Despite the surge in production he is just the 47th rated fantasy shooting guard over the last two weeks of the season. His minutes, threes and points are all fine but he is a liability in some key fantasy categories.

The former Syracuse star is shooting just 41% from the field this year and 43% from the field this month. His free throw shooting isn’t any better at 67%, 27th among qualified NBA shooting guards. Then you have the lack of rebounds for a guy who is averaging 28 minutes per game. The 2.9 rebounds per game is 24th among qualified shooting guards. Although Waiters is hitting 1.2 threes per game… that mark is 29th among shooting guards.

Yes, Dion Waiters is playing better ball lately and his assists have gone up a bit, but he remains a fringe fantasy option and a risky one at that. Currently, he is available in 25-50% of fantasy leagues.