Week 2 QB Recap

Philip Rivers played great today in a win over the Seahawks. He passed for 284 yards and threw 3 touchdowns. He was the 6th best fantasy quarterback last season and this year is more of the same. He has a tough week three matchup on the road in Buffalo. You also have to start taking into consideration that bye weeks are approaching. In week four Peyton Manning, Andy Dalton and Russell Wilson have their byes. Philip Rivers has the Jaguars at home in week four… not bad at all. Rivers is still available in 4% of fantasy leagues.

Andy Dalton continues to do what Andy Dalton does… play great regular season football. He has thrown for 553 yards in two games this season without an interception. Dalton finished 2013 as the 5th best fantasy quarterback. He was 7th in passing yards, 3rd in touchdowns and 14th among QBs in rushing yards. Up next for Dalton is the Titans at home in week three. Dalton recorded eight wins and a 98.3 passer rating at home last year. Andy Dalton is available in 8-20% of fantasy leagues.

Dalton/Pryor Still Available

Andy Dalton and Terrelle Pryor had monster games in week eight and both can still be had in the majority of fantasy leagues across the country.

Analysis: Andy Dalton is playing out of his mind right now. He’s thrown for over 1,000 passing yards in his last three games. He has 11 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in that three game span. Last week we mentioned that it was the “last call” on Andy Dalton- he was available in 20-75% of leagues, now he’s only available in 5-57% of leagues. Even if you only pick him up to be a QB2 on your squad he is a must own.

Terrelle Pryor is a completely different animal. He’s rushed for over 200 yards in his last four games and has 5 total touchdowns in that span. He only recorded a 25.7 passer rating against the Steelers in week eight but who cares when he continues to put up fantasy points on the ground. Up next for Pryor is the Eagles at home in week nine. He’s rushed for 50 plus yards in four of his six games this year, expect another one against Philly. Pryor is available in 40-75% of fantasy leagues.

Last Call On Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton threw for 372 yards and 3 touchdowns in a victory against the Lions in week seven.

Analysis: Dalton has now thrown for over 700 yards and 6 touchdowns over the last two weeks. Both games were on the road and against respectable defenses(DET/BUF). Dalton has a tough test with the Jets in week eight but he must be considered with the byes coming up.

Luck, Rivers, Flacco have byes and so does Cutler who may be out for a long time. You must also consider that Alex Smith and Ben Roethlisberger have not been reliable lately. At the moment Andy Dalton is available in 20-75% of fantasy leagues. He isn’t the most reliable fantasy quarterback either but he sure beats the alternatives out there on the wire(Palmer, Glennon, Geno Smith, Alex Smith).

Ryan Tannehill’s stock is rising after big games against the Colts and Ravens earlier this year. Although he only threw for 194 yards at home against the Bills this week he did throw 3 touchdowns. Up next for Tannehill and the Dolphins are the Patriots in week eight. Tannehill is available in 50-85% of fantasy leagues.

Value Down- AJ Green

With rookie quarterback Andy Dalton at the helm of the Cincy offense, AJ Green’s 2011 season has disappointment written all over it.

Analysis: AJ Green’s ADP has been in the 87-97 range as about the 32nd wide out being taken off the board. Last year wide outs in standard leagues had to put up about 750 yards with six scores just to be a top 30-35 wide out. At Green’s ADP does he offer any upside? Well, with Andy Dalton at quarterback- absolutely not. Dalton thus far in the preseason is 19-34 with three picks and zero touchdowns. He has a quarterback rating of 30.9 and is also averaging just 4.6 yards per pass attempt. To put it in perspective, Jimmy Clausen averaged 5.2 yards per attempt last year. Andy Dalton would have to play some pretty special football to give AJ Green the numbers to make his draft position worthwhile. Wide outs like Mike Thomas, Mike Walker and Malcom Floyd make the most sense at this point in a draft and can be had a bit later on in most cases. Do not trust any Bengal receiver or tight end until Andy Dalton proves otherwise. Green is a great talent and will one day become a WR1 in all formats, however, this year he offers no upside at all.

Overrated- Cedric Benson

Cedric Benson is being taken as the 25th back off the board in fantasy drafts but taking him as a borderline RB2/RB3 is a huge mistake.

Analysis: Cedric Benson fumbled the ball seven times last year, losing five of them- that’s not what you want from a “reliable” fantasy back. Benson also carried the ball 321 times last year yet his longest rush was only twenty-six yards. We also have to consider that in two of the last three years he’s avergaed just 3.5 yards per carry and he’s caught more than twenty balls just once in his career. At this point in his career it does not appear that Cedric Benson is improving in any facet of his game.

Rookie Andy Dalton will not keep that eighth man out of the box like Carson Palmer could and the slow Benson may have even more problems breaking off long runs. The problem with Benson is you do not want him as your RB2 but you’ll waste a pick drafting him early as your RB3. Consider BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Daniel Thomas at this point in your fantasy draft, certainly not Cedric Benson. Also, a back like CJ Spiller offers more upside fifty picks later.