Streaming Defenses- Week 14

Week thirteen is officially over and now it is time to take a look at the “team to stream” in week fourteen.

Analysis: For the third consecutive week we will stream against the New York Jets who will host the Oakland Raiders. Geno Smith is expected to start and he’s only managed to help the Jets score just 20 points in their last three games. Geno Smith’s passer rating is now down to 60.4 with 19 interceptions in twelve games. The Jets rank 30th in the NFL in yards, 31st in points per game and 32nd in turnover margin. There really isn’t much else to say about an offense void of weapons and led by a turnover machine named Geno.

The Raiders would have a good defense from a fantasy perspective if their offense could score a bit more and limit turnovers to make life easier. But as it stands now the Raiders rank 16th in sacks, 5th in fumble recoveries and 25th in interceptions. The Raiders D/ST is available in about 90% of fantasy leagues.

Another team of note is the New England defense at home against Cleveland. The Browns have 11 turnovers in their last three games and Brandon Weeden is sporting a 70.3 passer rating and completing just 52% of his passes. The New England D is available in 20% of fantasy leagues.

Streaming Defenses- Week 13

Week twelve is officially over and now it is time to take a look at our “team to stream” in week thirteen.

Analysis: This week we will take a solid Miami defense on the road against the Jets. We are going to ride our “Geno Smith is garbage” train another week here. Smith has 18 interceptions, 8 fumbles and 4 lost fumbles in eleven games this season. He’s been sacked 37 times and has a 62.1 passer rating. For those of you who need some perspective- JaMarcus Russell’s career passer rating was 65.2 and he “only” threw 23 interceptions in 31 games played. The Jets are 31st in points per game, 27th in yards per game and 32nd in turnover margin.

The Dolphins aren’t that bad of a team. In the last two weeks against Carolina and San Diego they have only allowed 36 total points. The Miami defense is 10th in points allowed, 11th in sacks and 6th in interceptions. The Dolphins D/ST is available in 70-90% of fantasy leagues.

Another team of note this week is the Cleveland defense against Jacksonville. The Jags may be coming off a win but they have only managed to put up 12.9 points per game this year and 27 points in their last two games which coincides with their yearly mark. Chad Henne has 1 touchdown pass and 4 picks in his last three games.

Streaming Defenses- Week 12

Week eleven is officially over and now it is time to take a look at our “team to stream” in week twelve.

Analysis: This week we will take the Baltimore defense at home against the New York Jets. The reason… Geno Smith. Smith is sporting an awful 65.1 passer rating this year, but on the road it gets even worse with a 58.5 mark. He’s thrown 4 touchdowns to 10 interceptions on the road and has been sacked 20 times in those five road games. The Jets are 31st in the NFL in points per game, 20th in yards per game and 32nd in turnover margin.

The Baltimore defense has been solid all year with the exception of week one in Denver. The Ravens rank 13th in yards allowed, 8th in points per game allowed and 3rd in sacks. The Baltimore D/ST is available in 40-60% of fantasy leagues.

Another team of note this week is the Texans who are at home against the Jags. Jacksonville is averaging just 12.9 points per game, they have scored more than 20 points in a game just once this season. Houston is 1st in yards allowed this year despite being 28th in points allowed… courtesy of Mr. Schaub and his pick-sixes.

Streaming Defenses- Week 1

It’s about that time to start thinking about your week one lineup… so let’s get it started.

Analysis: If you didn’t grab an elite defense it’s not the end of the world. While other guys drafted the Niners and Hawks way too early hopefully you stashed away some running backs.

Our week one “best team to stream” has to go to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Streaming isn’t about great defenses it’s about decent ones playing awful quarterbacks. Tampa has the New York Jets in week one and this match up is a tasty one. Rookie Geno Smith should get the start for the Jets and he is expected to struggle mightily. The Jets have one proven offensive threat in the oft-injured Santonio Holmes. Even if the Jets do manage to score thirty points do we really expect Geno not to throw multiple picks/get sacked/fumble? This is where drafting fantasy defenses too high will cost you. For example- the Packers are the 9th defense being taken in drafts this year and they have an unfavorable week one match up with the Niners on the road who lit them up with 45 points in the playoffs last year.

So… the Bucs D is looking like a better choice and you didn’t have to burn a more valuable pick to get them. The Bucs D/ST are available in 70% of fantasy leagues.