November 21st Weekly Release Notes – Introducing Lineup Status

The first significant update in the month of November is all about your synced fantasy teams.  FantasySP is now able to detect each team’s starters, bench, and injured players.  The benefits of this can be seen immediately throughout the site in the following ways:

  • My News now shades player names in gray if they are reserve/benched players
  • My News has the ability to hide reserve players or show the full roster
  • My Teams shows a breakdown of your lineup based on active/bench/injured
This is just the beginning of course.  Soon I will be applying these changes to fantasy team ratings to more accurately score teams based on their starting rosters AND their entire roster.  As you might imagine, this will change greatly week to week and day to day based on your lineup moves.  My goal is to start working on that feature next.
Keep in mind this will be a shortened work week due to Thanksgiving in America, but I’ll see what I can get done. 🙂

Author: Brant Tedeschi

I'm Brant Tedeschi, a web developer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey with a degree in history from Monmouth University. I've been developing start-ups for the past 6 years and am the founder and lead developer of FantasySP. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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