Major updates for projections, matchups, and more

It’s spring time, which means baseball is heating up and people are enjoying fresh air again.  We are excited about both of these and want to take a moment to announce some of our latest features and changes:

Major March Updates, Featuring the Fantasy Assistant

Usually I do a blog post announcing new features for Spring, so think of this as an added bonus.  There are major updates to the Fantasy Assistant along with lots of small updates.

  • The Yahoo! sync process is now improved to be smoother and more accurate.
  • Tweaks to the fantasy trade analyzer impacts, including full roster listing and ranking/ratings updates
  • Sign Up process has been further improved and mobile signups are now possible.
  • fantasy baseball 2014 preparation and support added
  • Projected stats for MLB added inside the Fantasy Assistant
  • Upgraded and released our suite of apps for CBSSports app central
  • Major release for trade suggestions 2.0… read the full blog post about it.
  • Fantasy Assistant animation is now a thin loading bar and it looks sweet.

Fantasy Assistant Has Two New Features

The Fantasy Assistant has two additional features that are already live!   

The first feature incorporates predictive stats and analyzes player categories.  Those of you in category based leagues will absolutely love this feature since you will be able to easily pinpoint which players contribute or hinder particular categories.  For now it is limited to NBA but will expand to MLB when spring rolls around.  Read the entire blog post about it.

The second new feature incorporates waiver wire trends right inside of the fantasy assistant.  You will see a new link called “Trends” right next to “settings” inside the fantasy assistant.  It works exactly like the full-screen trends pages with a bit more customization.

Now for the rest of the changes:

  • Revamped Top Rankings layout, now added for baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. (This was a long-time coming)
  • Improved accuracy on own/start trends.
  • Various bug fixes for the fantasy assistant.

Waiver Alerts and More

November has turned out to be a big month in terms of features and news for the site.  We released a major new feature called Waiver Alerts and I strongly encourage you to read our full blog post about it.  Spread the word to your friends and give it a try. 🙂

As for the rest of the updates….

  • Fixes to waiver alerts, users with multiple fantasy leagues will now show up properly on the bottom of the email
  • Accuracy changes to your fantasy team’s rosters. Where you slot a player on your fantasy league’s website gets priority over other factors.
  • Fantasy Assistant now has new settings to adjust Waiver Alerts and Player Alerts.
  • Fantasy Assistant has ability to Refresh Rosters whenever you feel like it.

2013 Fall Update

It’s been three months since there was an update detailing the latest changes to FantasySP.  This post will be listing the most notable changes:

  • FantasySP moved to a new bigger and better server.   The site is now significantly faster with plenty of room to grow for 2014 and beyond.
  • Support added for MyFantasyLeague.
  • A new help widget was added, along with a support section with common questions.
  • Revised historical OWN / START trends, they are now more accurate and include graphs in various sections.
  • New Waiver Wire trends pages have been added for NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.  Read more about it on our blog.
  • Dozens of improvements and fixes inside the Fantasy Assistant.

Stay tuned for our big feature announcements before the end of the year!