Draft Impact- Andrew Luck

Rookie quarterbacks who come into the league and have instant success almost always have a solid running game and defense to lean on. In 2011 the Colts finished 26th in total rushing yards and 25th in total defense.

Analysis: Maybe I’m the only one who isn’t on the Andrew Luck bandwagon but I just can’t see it. The Pac-12 is just an awful defensive conference. On top of that, Stanford had an awesome offensive line and a great running game(20th in nation). Take Luck’s three biggest games last year(Oregon, USC, OkSt), he threw four interceptions and only ran for twenty yards on eighteen carries.

Let’s face it, the Colts have tons of issues aside from Jim Irsay’s unparelleled narcissism. Jacob Tamme is now in Denver and there is a reason Peyton didn’t want Dallas Clark and neither do the Colts… he’s a shell of his former self. Donald Brown has yet to run for 700 yards in a season and Delone Carter certainly is not the answer. The defense will not be helping Luck out either, they allowed 26.9 points per game, fifth worst in the NFL. As a result Luck will be throwing tons of second half picks playing catch up. Keep in mind that AFC South rivals the Jags, Texans and Titans all finished in the top eleven in points allowed in 2011(under 21 PPG). Expect one “unlucky” fantasy year for the “next” John Elway.

Value Down- Marshawn Lynch

After his playoff run against the Saints it was clear Marshawn Lynch was sure to be one overrated fantasy back this season.

Analysis: Lynch did just play a game against Pittsburgh so we can forgive his lack of numbers this week but we cannot forgive Seattle’s lack of commitment to a ground game over the past year. Lynch has just nineteen carries through two games for just forty-four yards. In fact, Lynch has only amassed 1,187 rushing yards in his last twenty-nine games. He was rated in the thirty range among running backs and he will not live up to even a low tier RB3. It’s time to start looking at backs who carry the rock more considering Seattle has ran the ball 17.5 times per game this year, that just isn’t going to cut it in the fantasy world.

Going forward in the search for back who offers a bit of upside down the road, keep an eye on Delone Carter. Thomas Jones becomes a must add with the injury to Charles in KC. Lynch was never going to have a RB3 year and it’s a shame so many believed the hype from one playoff run.